Q.: Please Help me! The Dongle does not work! I did not read the manual before the installation and just plugged everything into computer...

A.:Ok. Please now read that manual and follow it.

1. Plug in thˇ Dongle into the computer USB port.
2. Go to MY COMPUTER and click it with the RIGHT mouse. Select PROPERTIES click it. Select Hardware - click it. Click DEVICE MANAGER button. The list of your computer devices will be populated.

Most likely you will see the YELLOW QUESTION simbol next to the USB device.


Click that line with the right mouse button and selcet UNINSTALL

3. Remove the dongle from the USB port.
4. Plug in the Salon Styler CD and open "Guardant' folder. Start "instdrv.exe" from that folder. Now click the first button to the top - "Install driver" or "reinstall driver"

5. Click "╬╩"

6. Plug in the key into the computer USB port. The Installation wizard will starts.

Click "next"

Click "Continue Anyway "

Click "Finish".
You will see teh balloon that the new device is ready to use:

The green bulb will light on.

7. In the device manager you will see the new USB device:

8. Now you can start the software.