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Salon Styler
presents new virtual hair makeover software
Salon Styler Evo

hairstyle makeover Salon Styler Evo was created with the beauty salon imaging specialist's feedback. Now the Salon Styler Evo virtual makeover and hair imaging software is loaded with:
hairstyle makeover Extended database of modern hairstyles. 40 styles were added reciently to the Popular Styles category.
hairstyle makeover Background works tool for replacing of the original chromakey background with a new one. We created the gallery of 130 landscapes:forests, meadows, rivers, mountains, under-the-sea world.
hairstyle makeover New more convinient color palette controls. And a new color palettes from Goldwell.
hairstyle makeover New image gallery with convinient controls and extra options. Direct save and restore of outcome.
hairstyle makeover New image categories for complete makeover: Hats, fun contact lenses, jewellery, earings and even tattos!.

This award winning hairstyle imaging software comes with complete video training lessons,
free support and a 10 day, money back, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, trial.

Available in English,Spanish,Catalan,French,Russian,German,Finnish and Chinese languages.

New Edition for the New Price!
973.00 USD
or 800.00 Euro
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Winner of the 2001 Golden Calculator Award

"Salon Styler Pro has set the salon industry's standard of excellence."
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